Trumpet microphone

Trumpet Microphone
SD Systems provides a great trumpet microphone, one of the best around designed with the sound engineer of the great, late Miles Davis himself. This trumpet microphone is designed for professionals, yet easy to use by everyone. Great sound quality plus great workmanship yields one amazing trumpet microphone. Take a look for yourself.

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The Trumpet Microphone Features
The quality of sound captured by the trumpet microphone will astound you. The trumpet microphone is strategically placed far from the bell so that the recording is true to horn and doesn’t inhibit it in any way. The main type of trumpet microphone is attached to the tube of your trumpet so that it doesn’t interfere with the resonance of the bell although it is possible to get a gooseneck trumpet microphone which attaches to the bell. Clip-ons can be beneficially for performances when you need quick changes between trumpets.

Another great thing about the location of the trumpet microphone in relation to the bell is that it still allows you to use a mute, unlike most other microphones available on the market. It’s far enough away from the bell, so that it won’t interfere at all. The trumpet microphone is incredibly light. It’s support is a very light, translucent tube which clips onto your trumpet very easily. It’s the perfect trumpet microphone.

The sound is also amazing. Not only does the design of the trumpet microphone make your life easier so you can play with less inhibition but it is also able to capture the amazing sound. Environmental noises are reduced so you’ll only hear trumpet sound through the trumpet microphone. It’s a pure clear tone.

The trumpet microphone by SD Systems allow you to test your limits. Whether playing a calm trumpet solo or whether blasted out your talent, this trumpet microphone will accompany you without protest! It’s designed to handle everything you blow at it!

A Great Trumpet Microphone
SD Systems is a small company of musicians turned technicians so they know what you as a musician need. They make life easier for you by providing a trumpet microphone with great quality sound and lets you play and move without limitations. Your technicians and studio engineers will love it too because it’s easy to use and eliminates technical problems.

Each trumpet microphone is made carefully and concisely. Each part is checked and rechecked. The system is handmade to ensure the best possible trumpet microphone. From the moment the parts arrive in the workshop to the moment the fully assembled trumpet microphone is shipped to you, each stage is monitored. Quality is our philosophy.

Take a further look at the website and the trumpet microphone available. You can find them is special stores or you can order them online. Take a look today and find exactly what you’re looking for.

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