SD Systems are world famous for their exceptional quality in microphones. Their microphones have gotten rave reviews from musicians who can no longer imagine using any other kind. SD Systems microphones are known for their exceptional sound quality, unobtrusive nature and highest quality craftsmanship. Come and find the microphones that suit your needs the best.

Saxophone Mics :

LCM 89
LCM 85
LDM 94
SDS md STM 99 SX-1 LCM 80 (EW)
Pure Natural Sound
same as LCM 89
Adjustable Clamp
Dynamic HIGH POWER Element
Warm Sound
Elements can be
adjustable Clamp
ULTRA flat response
High SPL
Student Model
Bright Sound
LOW price!
Straight Alto
Condenser Mic Condenser Mic Dynamic Mic Dynamic Mic Condenser 48-52V Condenser Mic 2 Condenser Mics
Saxophones ALL wind instr.
/ Baritone
Sax / Trombone ALL wind instr. ALL applications Sax / Trumpet Soprano's
Price ++ Price + Price +/- Price -/+ Price +++ Price - Price ++

Exceptional Microphones by SD Systems
The most important element of microphones is their sound quality. SD Systems microphones are designed especially with that in mind. The microphones consist of high-quality condenser or dynamic elements with characteristics which are tailored to each instrument’s specific sound.

These capsules are combined with a specific clamping system designed for each instrument. They are positioned near the instrument in a way that picks up the clearest and most even acoustic sounds. It can be done in a number of ways, either a tripod on the bell, a flexible gooseneck or attached near the valves of the instrument so that it does not limit the instrument in any way or pick up on any unwanted, mechanical sounds.

This leads us to the third most important element of microphones, that they are unobtrusive and allow unlimited movement by the musician. Because the microphones are lightweight and shockfree, you will barely notice its presence. It can withstand any movement or exceptional playing. It’s no longer necessary to stand stationary in front of a microphone stand. It’s time to start living the music again.

We provide many different microphones for all sorts of instruments including brass, woodwind, and string. We are also continually expanding our line of microphones to include other instruments as well as improving on the microphones we already have. All microphones are designed with the particular instrument in mind, taking sound, range and instrument shape into account.

All the microphones were designed by engineers with an extensive music background so they understand which important qualities the microphones must have. Most of the microphones are handmade and all the individual pieces are repeatedly checked, ensuring that you get the highest possible quality microphones available. The parts are easily serviceable and you’ll get continual SD Systems support.

Purchasing SD Systems Microphones
Obtaining SD Systems microphones is easy. They are available in select stores in various countries around the world. They are also available online from the SD Systems Instrument Microphones Webshop. You can look through the catalogue to find the microphones that would best suit you or feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

We at SD Systems stand behind our microphones 100% and we know you will not be disappointed once you’ve discovered the amazing quality of these microphones for yourself.

Brass & Woodwind:  
ALL applications :
Double Reed
Flutes Preamps STM99
& Flugel
Tuba etc.
Clarinets Bassoon Flutes
Altoflutes etc.
Details of
Live & Studio


Strings : Piezo's :
Wireless :
Violins Double Bass
Guitar Bass Drum  
Violins Double Bass

drums PIANO accordeon


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