Instrument microphones

Instrument Microphones
SD Systems is a leading name in instrument microphones these days. Internationally renowned, musicians in every field are declaring how wonderful the SD Systems instrument microphones are. No matter what genre of music you play, whether it’s for onstage or in the studio, you’ll find lots of instrument microphones to suit your purpose. Take a look to see what we can offer you.

Saxophone Mics :

LCM 89
LCM 85
LDM 94
SDS md STM 99 SX-1 LCM 80 (EW)
Pure Natural Sound
same as LCM 89
Adjustable Clamp
Dynamic HIGH POWER Element
Warm Sound
Elements can be
adjustable Clamp
ULTRA flat response
High SPL
Student Model
Bright Sound
LOW price!
Straight Alto
Condenser Mic Condenser Mic Dynamic Mic Dynamic Mic Condenser 48-52V Condenser Mic 2 Condenser Mics
Saxophones ALL wind instr.
/ Baritone
Sax / Trombone ALL wind instr. ALL applications Sax / Trumpet Soprano's
Price ++ Price + Price +/- Price -/+ Price +++ Price - Price ++

Instrument Microphones Quality
One of the greatest features of instrument microphones by SD Systems is the superior sound quality. Each one is designed especially for the instrument in mind, with high quality capsules. The instrument microphones are strategically placed to pick up the best acoustic sound and positioned in a way that reduces background, movement or key noises. Our instrument microphones produce only the purest sound of the instrument.

Our instrument microphones are loved by musicians due to the fact that they are uninhibited in movement rather than being tied down to a music stand. They are also loved by technicians and studio engineers because they produce a flat frequency response and a clear, uncolored sound. On top of that, our instrument microphones are simply easy to use. So no matter what part you play in the production of the music, these instrument microphones are great.

The instrument microphones are strategically designed that you barely notice they are there. They are lightweight and positioned in a way that they will not interfere with your playing at all. They also contain a shockfree system which allows unlimited movement by you while not disrupting the sound quality. SD Systems instrument microphones are the perfect solution for you!

Instrument Microphones for You
Each of the instrument microphones comes with a guarantee to be of the highest possible quality. Each part is exhaustively checked and rechecked during each stage of the handmade process so that all the instrument microphones that leave our workshops are in perfect working order. All parts are easily serviceable should there be a problem. However, with such fine workmanship, we’re confident you won’t have any complaints.

SD Systems is a small company with one goal: to provide the highest quality instrument microphones available. Founded by musicians, we understand what you want and need in respect to instrument microphones. Let us show you the possibilities.

So check out the catalogue and the various different instrument microphones available for brass, wind, string and percussion. You can order them online from our webshop or get them in select music stores worldwide. You won’t be disappointed.

Brass & Woodwind:  
ALL applications :
Double Reed
Flutes Preamps STM99
& Flugel
Tuba etc.
Clarinets Bassoon Flutes
Altoflutes etc.
Details of
Live & Studio


Strings : Piezo's :
Wireless :
Violins Double Bass
Guitar Bass Drum  
Violins Double Bass

drums PIANO accordeon


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