Flute microphone

Flute Microphone
A flute microphone is very important when it comes to recording flute music or playing on stage in an ensemble. Having a high quality flute microphone is crucial if you want your sound to really be heard. That’s why SD Systems offers two types of flute microphone for you to choose from, to find the one that suits you best. Take a look and decide for yourself.

Saxophone Mics :

LCM 89
LCM 85
LDM 94
SDS md STM 99 SX-1 LCM 80 (EW)
Pure Natural Sound
same as LCM 89
Adjustable Clamp
Dynamic HIGH POWER Element
Warm Sound
Elements can be
adjustable Clamp
ULTRA flat response
High SPL
Student Model
Bright Sound
LOW price!
Straight Alto
Condenser Mic Condenser Mic Dynamic Mic Dynamic Mic Condenser 48-52V Condenser Mic 2 Condenser Mics
Saxophones ALL wind instr.
/ Baritone
Sax / Trombone ALL wind instr. ALL applications Sax / Trumpet Soprano's
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The Quality of a Flute Microphone
Each flute microphone that we produce is of the highest sound quality. The flute microphone is strategically positioned to catch the most even, the purest and cleanest sound possible while reducing the amount of background and key noise.

The flute microphone contains a padded clamp so that no damage occurs to your instrument. It’s lightweight so you don’t notice it while you play and it has a shock system so you can move as much as you’d like without worrying about disturbing the flute microphone.

The LCM 70 flute microphone is the highest in its class. In fact, it’s the only professional flute microphone system currently available. Musicians and teachers worldwide are using this flute microphone for all their flute microphone needs. It’s made of stainless steel with a high-end membrane allowing for studio-quality sound. For anyone looking for professional equipment, this is the flute microphone to look at.

If you’re looking for a flute microphone that’s a little less flashy, SD Systems also offers a great economical flute microphone. It’s perfect for professional students. It contains all the essentials such as a protective clamp, preamp with volume control and a professional case.

A Flute Microphone from SD Systems
So no matter where your interests lie, you’ll find a great flute microphone here. Every SD Systems flute microphone is carefully made; most are handmade and each individual piece within the microphone is carefully checked. This ensures that every single flute microphone we make is of the best quality.

SD Systems is a small company that believes in quality over quantity which is why we take our time to make sure our products are this good. We are continually expanding our product line and creating even better microphones as the technology advances. You won’t be disappointed with a flute microphone from SD Systems.

Each flute microphone comes with a warranty and all the parts are easily serviceable. The flute microphone should work for you, not the other way around!  So come take a look around and see which one suits you best. For anyone who is serious about a flute microphone, SD Systems is the only way to go.

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